February 3rd, 2015

Leveraging Video To Tell Your Brand Story

It’s a well-known – and well-practiced – fact that adding visual elements to presentations make them more interesting. Photos are a great addition to any presentation and should always be included.  However, video brings your brand to life in a way that cannot be accomplished with static imagery.  

The Benefits of Using Video

Videos are versatile.  Videos can demonstrate products and services, deliver third-party endorsements, emphasize corporate positioning, educate consumers and convey humor.  These are just a few ways in which video can help make your brand memorable.  

  • Demonstrations.  If your potential customer can’t actually “test drive” your product, the next best thing is a demo of the product.  A video will clearly and concisely show how your product or service works and how it can be used in everyday situations.  According to, demonstration videos (also known as “explainer” videos) can account for as much as an 85% increase in the number of people that purchase your product after viewing such a video.  A call to action, such as a “click-through” for more information or to place an order, also increases your chances of closing a sale.  
  • Testimonials.  You can tell someone what was said about your brand or you can show them what was said.  Showing them is much more powerful – they can visually experience the passion the person exhibits when talking about your brand.  Alamini Creative Group was asked to create marketing materials for its client CT Lien Solutions’ IntelliChart™ software. CT Lien Solutions provides comprehensive lien solutions, recording services and life-of-loan services for lenders, law firms and corporate borrowers nationwide.  IntelliChart™ is a time-saving program that allows paralegals and paralegal managers to spend their time on analytic, rather than clerical functions.  Included in the suite of marketing materials was a video that featured testimonials from paralegals that used the product and helped explain it while key components of the software were highlighted. 
  • Humor.  How many humorous advertisements do you remember versus the number of serious ads?  Chances are you can recall humorous messages much more often.  Nothing delivers a laugh quicker than witnessing something funny.  In fact, the use of humor will increase the chances of your video going viral.  However, make it relevant to your product and don’t let it overtake your message.  

Videos are perfect.  Well, not really.  But they can be edited to make sure you are.   Flub your line – no problem.  You can do a retake, unless of course you are at a live event.  But more often than not, videos that are part of a rehearsed presentation can be reshot and edited. 

Videos are sharable.  Post a video on your YouTube channel and you have the ability to reach thousands – possibly millions – of people within seconds.  One hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.  The more relevant and interesting your video, the more chance it has of spreading virally, delivering your brand’s message at an alarming rate.   In addition, websites with video are 50 times more likely to be ranked on Google’s first page, and your video is 41% more likely to get clicked on than your text post (according to 

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