March 6th, 2015

CREATIVE CLOSEUP: The United Nations Fund for South-South Cooperation

The United Nations Fund for South-South Cooperation (UFSSC) aims to promote, support and implement South-South cooperation. It was established in 1996, and designated by the General Assembly "as the main United Nations trust fund for promoting and supporting South-South and triangular cooperation.” Due to the responsibilities of the organization, its reports are heavy with textual and numerical information.

When Alamini Creative Group was asked to design UFSSC’s 2014 report, they used several creative techniques to open the space and make the report easier to read. These “tricks of the trade” included the following:

• Color. ACG stretched the bounds of the brand's color palette to use attention-grabbing colors (such as the gold cover), and colors that naturally lightened and accentuated the information (blues and creams).

• White Space. By creating a thoughtful layout for the text and graphics, ACG was able to maximize the report’s white space for easier readability. 

• Font. Using a modern-style font also opened the text blocks, making it easier to read.

• Photos. The use of strategically placed photos that were colorful, complex and featured real people, drew the reader to the report and, ultimately, to the internal information.

To see more of our work for the United Nations, visit the Portfolio section of our website. 

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